In today's information driven economy small and large organisations need to manage their data, its meaning and its relevance to ensure that real time business critical decisions are based on all the related facts. Concurrently, organisations need to adopt and tailor emerging technologies in Big Data, Analytics, Mobile and Cloud solutions with their existing IT infrastructure in a cost sensitive environment. Managing Complexity in an evolving landscape is vital to economic success and survival.

AnnanTech is a UK based Business & Technology Consultancy and IT Solution Provider. AnnanTech has successfully assisted some of the world's most respected blue chip companies to deliver cutting edge business solutions and processes on time and on budget

To simplify complexity, organisations need to firstly manage and understand the evolving Business and Technical challenges they face, ensuring that all solutions adapt in real time. AnnanTech's business focused and data centric approach means organisations have smarter and nimble solutions that are configurable in data in real time - always representing the full economic reality and not a mere reflection.

AnnanTech developed AnnLighten(R) - a CME (Central Management Encyclopaedia) system. A completely data driven platform which accesses and manages all your structured and unstructured data into a single, focused view where any fact is a click away. AnnLighten(R) has an easy to use web and mobile interface.

Amanda Annandale