Business Services

Digital Transformation

Organizations are faced with a complex and evolving Business and IT landscape. The decisions made today will impact your organization more than ever before. With our extensive suite of Business and Technical skills, we assist organizations at each stage of their digital transformation process ensuring that the right solutions are tailored to your companies’ objectives.

GDPR Advisory Service

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Parliament have strengthen and unified data protection for individuals across the European Union (EU). UK businesses and organizations are compelled to strengthen their own data storage, processing and security as a result of this regulation. We assist organizations to prepare their staff, internal policies, processes and procedures for this regulation while simultaneously balancing this directive with practical user friendly solutions.

Programme Management

We provide management and delivery of complex programmes around change management and how technology can support and underpin the whole process. Our key strengths are understanding the overall structure, its inter-dependencies and oversight of risks that may arise. As well as our excellent communication skills in supporting and liasoning between different senior stakeholders across multiple time zones that need people they can rely on - especially when their own time may be limited.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in applying our project management skills in real-world situations. Our team have worked on major large scale programmes as well as niche projects that require specialist know-how. We work closely with key stakeholders who are kept fully informed on the status of the project. Our strengths are our strong communication and management skills and our ability to identify potential barriers early on in the requirements gathering phase and they are immediately rectified. Dependent on the project requirements, we are experienced in Waterfall, SCRUM, Agile DSDM and Prince II. 

Business Analysis

We have over twenty years of experience in business analysis. We have been responsible for documenting and understanding many complex  business and technical processes over the years. We always our technical skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with our stakeholders. We are experienced in all forms of documentation for business and technical audiences. Importantly, we have a lot of experienced in internal system documentation and storyboards for system integrations and web development projects.

Risk Management

We started off in Risk Management within the Investment Banks. Shortly after, we extended our offering into a more holistic view  and methodologies of Risk Management which have proven more and more effective considering the complex challenges that small and large organisation face in an inter-connected world. Our offering includes; Financial Risk Management, Security and Cyber resilience. Whether you are  a small business or a multi-national, our approach can help you predict and mitigate challenges in real-time.

Business Services