In today's information driven economy all organisations depend on data to make evidence-based decisions and each business has its own unique challenges. We understand this better than any other solution provider, which is why we adopt a data-centric approach across different sectors to meet your unique business requirements:

Financial Services

We began in Financial Services building high value front-office and risk systems as well as IT  and Business process implementation within the Investment Banks. We understand the competitive challenges in the market and how large organisations now need to be nimble enough to compete, while being fully compliant with complex new regulatory requirements - building systems that represent the full 'economic reality' and adapt in real-time to changing business needs and and processes. We provide our clients with 'off-the-shelf' capability to automate and change in real-time to changing requirements, instead of spending money on costly upgrades when budgets are being reduced.


We understand that challenges facing Central and Local Government Departments. Departments are under pressure to apply cutting-edge Cloud solutions while also integrating legacy systems under cost sensitive conditions. Our breadth of experience helps Government departments to understand their current and future technology needs. AnnanTech is a G Cloud provider. Our solutions are all component based allowing departments to apply new technology in real-time and to scale up as and when as and when required - according to your requirements and your budget. Our technology is platform independent and designed to run on all devices from the outset.

Small to Medium Size (SME) Businesses

As a small business ourselves with a blue-chip track record, we understand how SMEs compete locally and globally often against larger organisations with more resources. If the right solutions and automation are applied in your business, a corporate infrastructure is available at your fingers tips and within your budget - adding real value to your business. AnnanTech builds tailored solutions applying the best Mobile, Cloud, Apps, Commercial and Open Source technologies. Our data-centric approach means secure scalable solutions tailored from day one to grow with your business.


Large organisations have an asset in their legacy systems and remaining competitive is critical in today's global environment. You need to be able to take advantage of current and future IT trends for example, Cloud, Mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence while seamlessly applying new Open Source Solutions and Analytical tools. All of this needs to be seamlessly combined and automated into your existing IT and business processes. AnnanTech's data-centric approach means exactly that. AnnanTech builds 'best of breed' solutions  that adapt in real-time allowing large IT departments the same flexibility of smaller organisations. We help you simplify complexity by helping you manage and understand it.