What We Do

  • Digital Transformation - Organizations are faced with a complex and evolving Business and IT landscape. The decisions made today will impact your organization more than ever before. With our extensive suite of Business and Technical skills, we assist organizations at each stage of their digital transformation process, ensuring that the right solutions are tailored to your companies’ objectives.
  • GDPR Advisory Service - The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Parliament have strengthened and unified data protection for individuals across the European Union (EU). UK businesses and organizations are compelled to strengthen their own data storage, processing and security as a result of this regulation. We assist organizations to prepare their staff, internal policies, processes and procedures for this regulation while simultaneously balancing this directive with practical user friendly solutions.
  • Programme and Project Management - Our team are highly skilled at absorbing and gaining a deep understanding of your data requirements.While working with with you,we analyse your business processes and effectively plan your project(s) and your requirements.
  • Risk Management - In an evolving and complex landscape, it is critical to holistically manage your risk for the well being of your organisation. Our capabilities includes: Financial Risk Management, Information Assurance, Physical Security and Cyber Security.
  • Technical Design and Architecture - AnnanTech's data architects apply best practice implementable designs and solutions that are being used in the real world right now.
  • Implementation - AnnanTech translates strategies into reality and we help with direct implementation through our years of  Project Management.
  • Data Development - Our data-centric approach means we apply the best technology to meet your data requirements - Data Management and Data Governance (including relational and Big Data tools) Open Source and Commercial Analytical tools, Web and Mobile Development across all programming languages.
  • Post implementation Support - We are highly skilled in providing 24 hour support  on complex global and mission critical systems.
What We do