DT1 Cloud Service

AnnanTech’s DT1 Cloud Service identifies all the valuable data sources within your organisation, centralises the management of your data sources and empowers users to be able to access a view of it across the whole enterprise. 

The DT1 service begins with:

  • Data source analysis - we identify your existing data sources and map them.

  • Data Modelling, Cleansing and Transformation - we configure our easy to use Modelling and Integration web tools.

  • Data Integration and Work Flow - we configure the data flows, transform it and integrate your data in a consistent and manageable format.

  • Data Management and Data Governance – Standard Data Governance is implemented during the integration phase.

  • Data Collaboration and Data Interoperability – It is not just about getting the data to be seen as a whole, but also about publishing it securely to the people that have rights to see it. The service can allow the implementation of the Service’s own Data Governance tools or ‘‘best of breed’’ third party tools.

  • Data Presentation and Data Analytics – DT1 includes some presentation and analytics Services, primarily to provide statistics on the results of the integration process. Additional support is available, to implement full feature ‘‘best of breed’’ presentation and analytics tools.