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AnnLighten(R) Components

All of the components within AnnLighten(R) are configurable in data which allows for rapid deployment. AnnLighten(R) is platform and device independent. It can be hosted in the cloud, in-house or as a hybrid solution. It also integrates with Open Source, Apps and bespoke software. It also links with multiple analytical tools and libraries. It also seamlessly runs off IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, Mongo DB and Apache Spark simultaneously.

The AnnLighten(R) framework is made up from the following flexible components:

AnnLighten(R) Search and Consider - is our user-friendly web and mobile interface where information is a finger tap away. Consider allows users to perform searches and analyse their information. It also contains Excel spreadsheet tools for uploading and viewing data as well as a document management system. It also has benchmarking tools, or it can interface with different analytical tools and libraries thus creating a dynamic plug 'n' play analytics platform.

AnnLighten(R) Workflow - is the key to managing large numbers of interfaces to a variety of systems. Workflow can be used to provide standardised but flexible control over transport, enrichment and transformation of data. AnnLighten(R) Workflow is cofigurable in data and is scalable as a 'Workflow of Workflow' engines.

AnnLighten(R) Communicate - alerts users to changes to information in real-time, and additionally allows for monitoring of changes. It  also enables stakeholders to monitor information changes. 

AnnLighten(R) Core - is an ultra-flexible information storage manager that controls, structures and organises diverse information into 'Data Pools'. It ensures that the information is available wherever it is required and in whatever format specified. It also contains an entity library of data structures so that system users can store and update information on any aspect of their business, and thus  it constantly evolves.

AnnLighten(R) Connect - allows the import and export of information from AnnLighten(R) to other systems within the business. Connect also allows for the auto-generation of code to allow client IT staff to build their own interfaces into AnnLighten(R), utilising the easy to use 'LATTICE' API on a range of communication protocols. 

AnnLighten(R) Compare - is our benchmarking, comparison and trend analysis tool. It is able to integrate and utilise multiple Commercial and Open Source analytical libraries and models.

AnnLighten(R) Construct - is our data modelling tool that allows authorised users to model their business information within minutes - without programming.

AnnLighten(R) DataPacks - allows for the real-time incremental extension and deployment of the data and structure to meet new business and regulatory requirements.

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