Track Record

Over the years, we have delivered  a range of projects - from large scale process implementations spread across multiple time zones to specialist niche projects. For further details, please contacts us:

Challenge: Complex Legacy System with Manual Workarounds

  • An Investment Banking  client had a complex IT landscape including unstructured data, legacy systems, manual processes as well as new Financial products and data in a changing environment. 

Solution: Rapid Development, Data and Process Engineering

  • We successfully applied our methodologies and took the process of booking complex Financial trades and transactions with related data in a dynamic environment from 45 minutes to 90 seconds. AnnanTech has also applied these methodologies in other businesses and sectors and the efficiencies are just as great.


Challenge: Ensuring Accuracy of High Volume and Complex data feeds

  • Our client had multiple complex data feeds and the accuracy, completeness and validity of the data was essential to their business requirement.

Solution: Technical Architecture and Design

  • We recommended and completely re-engineered significant data interfaces for trade, market and static data. New interfaces, including  a Workflow capability which permitted the implementation of new feeds in less than 20% of the time of other methods.


Challenge: Multiple bespoke and commercial Analytical libraries and tools

  • Our client had a number of highly complex analytical libraries and tools that had been developed over time and these analytical tools and libraries would only further increase over time. They needed the ability to manage the structure 'plug in' new libraries as and when required.

Solution: Integrated and Managed Analytical Libraries

  • AnnanTech integrated these complex Analytical Libraries and their related processes to ensure validity and scalability as well as creating a platform that managed the data and its related processes.


Challenge: Cyber threats in a Complex and Evolving Situation

  • With the ever increasing data leakages in a complex digital environment, a system was needed to move beyond compliance to a more holistic Risk Management approach.

Solution: Dynamically Data-Driven Policy and Risk Management System

  • We applied our core data-driven principles and extended our Risk Management approach. We combined our specialist Financial Risk knowledge with our Security Sector knowledge  and built a real-time policy and compliance tool with a maturity model  and underpinned with its unique methodologies in three months so a specific regulatory policy. AnnanTech has successfully applied it on different regulatory models and it works with other leading industry vendors and bespoke solutions. 


Challenge: Critical Project Milestones missed

  • Our client required our project management skills to assist them in a complex project that was part of a large programme that needed to be put back on track for delivery.

Solution: AnnanTech's Project Management and Business Analysis

  • We applied our business analysis, development and project management skills. Within a few weeks, we had captured their requirements, planned and initiated work on the system to map between different Financial Services Products and data feeds. Our input assisted  our client in ensuring the project delivered on time as per the original project and programme.


Challenge: Small Business required a unified Accounting system and process in line with BYOD policy

  • The business was preparing to expand and required a new accounting solution that would link seamlessly to their existing IT infrastructure, allowing the organisation systems and processes to scale in real-time with their growing business.

Solution: Rapid Deployment of new technologies i.e. mobile and Open Source

  • By adopting AnnanTech's 'best of breed' approach, AnnanTech built a wrapper around the Open Source software and integrated it with our data-centric solution AnnLighten(R). This allowed the business to have their data and systems available anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Track Record