G-Cloud 9 Announcement - May 2017


AnnanTech is pleased to announce that it has been accepted onto the new G-Cloud 9 framework, enabling the UK public sector to continue to benefit from its comprehensive business and technical expertise. For nearly twenty years, AnnanTech has assisted organisations to better manage, understand and apply their data to create genuine efficiencies across their enterprise. 

 The Crown Commercial Service has narrowed down the ninth iteration of G-Cloud. AnnanTech were successful in all their applications submitted under ‘Lot2 Cloud Software’ and ‘Lot3 Cloud Support Service’ namely:

‘Lot2: Cloud Software’

  •  Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) - AnnanTech’s Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) service helps businesses to understand and streamline their processes by better exploiting their existing data asset. 
  • DT1 - AnnanTech’s DT1 Cloud Service identifies all the valuable data sources within your organisation, centralises the management of your data sources and empowers users to be able to access a view of it across the whole enterprise. 
  • Quick Quality’ -  'Quick Quality’ is a rapid problem-solving service with ‘out of the box’ capability that enables users to prototype new products and concepts within minutes to give immediate tangible value in a cost sensitive environment.
  • ARMS - The AnnLighten® Risk Management Support (ARMS) service is a real-time data-driven decision support service that provides decision makers with a unified view of risk management information across all their different departments i.e. Finance, Administration, Operational, Cyber and Compliance. 

‘Lot3: Cloud Support’

  •  AnnanTech Cloud Support Services – AnnanTech have nearly twenty years of experience in implementing multiple global IT implementations across different time zones -  on time and on budget. Our expertise include:
    • Digital Transformation
    • Programme Management
    • Risk Management
    • Technical Design and Architecture
    • Implementation
    •  Post Implementation Support
    • GDPR Advisory Service