Technical Services

Data Management and Integration

AnnanTech have integrated scattered data from disparate and complex systems within the investment banks over many years to ensure that our clients always have their critical information at their fingertips. We have worked with IBM DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server in different environments. We have developed and evolved our own methodologies and approaches to data management that our completely platform independent. Our experience also includes; video and voice data, use of related Open Source tools and leveraging different analytical libraries when needed.

Big Data

AnnanTech's data-centric approach extends beyond relational to Big Data sets.We are experienced in Hadoop, Mongo DB and Spark. Our solutions seamlessly manage the data, its structure and meaning in a cohesive whole. Managing data complexity is one of our core strengths.

Web Development

AnnanTech build uniquely branded and customisable websites using the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Content Management System. Our team can support you on your digital transformation journey -  from concept to reality. We combine our Marketing, Design and Technical skills to ensure you stand out from the crowd. By also applying our extensive data management capability means your website is scalable and will always maintains relevance – helping you to gain maximum value from your digital investment.

Solution Architecture and Design

We apply best-practice implementable designs and solutions that are being used in the real-world right now. Our solution architects work closely with the solution development team translating requirements into a architecture that is practical, doable and scalable.

Workflow Methodologies

We have built data-driven work flow tools that require minimal to no programming. This ensures that the technical tools adapt to the changing process within an organisation. Process re-engineering becomes a value add and not a cost to the organisation.

API and Bespoke Development

Our team's technical skills are ranked in the top 1% in Financial Services. We have had numerous technical assignments that often require a team member with a breadth and depth of knowledge that includes: C#, Java, C/C++ as well as VBA.  We are always enthusiastic when delivering complex technical assignments.

Bespoke Mobile Applications

Our team develop in Xamarin to provide a seamless experience between iOS and Android devices.

High Availability Support

We provide 24 x 5 support on complex global and mission critical systems. We provide our clients with piece of mind in knowing that they can rely on dependable and high calibre resources. Equally, we work with our clients and their existing Cloud providers to ensure that our clients have all the support that their system requires.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide high calibre technical skills with extensive know-how in combining Open Source and Commercial Analytical libraries.

Technical Services