ETDS Cloud Service

AnnanTech’s Efficiency Through Data Simplification (ETDS) service helps businesses to understand and streamline their processes by better exploiting their existing data asset. The initial step is to look at your existing systems and business processes, while emphasising:

  • What data is currently used and how it is used.

  • What other data is available internally and externally but not being used.

  • What data could potentially be stored, captured or created to better support the process.

High level Features and Benefits of the ETDS service include:

  • Analytical Results of data - Identifies ways to exploit your data for efficiency by looking at your existing data sources on a web interface for users to view results – Standard Data Governance is implemented during the integration phase.

  • Tools that are right for your business - Combines  and demonstrates the best Open Source and commercial data tools to transform and integrate your existing data sources making it available to users.

  • Data Transformation and Deployment - Manages and easily deploys the transformed data to users in a secure environment using our web interface, eliminates process bottle necks and helps staff to do their job more efficiently.

  • Secure Information feature - Web interface that enables users to securely collaborate faster and more efficiently based on the right data being shared to the right person, at the right time.