ARMS Cloud Service

The AnnLighten® Risk Management Support (ARMS) service is a real-time data-driven decision support service that provides decision makers with a unified view of risk management information across all their different departments i.e. Finance, Administration, Operational, Cyber and Compliance etc.

These views leverage standard, base templates that can be extended and fine-tuned to customer requirements. This speeds up deployment times and still keeps the service tailored and relevant.

The ARMS Service consists of:

  • Policy and Advisory - Enables the right policies and procedures to be identified for your organization. These are then converted into performance targets and real-time monitoring of achievement against these targets. 
  • The Power to Know - Tools to pull information from various sources, and organize the information, so that it can be mapped onto individual policies. 
  • Focus on Relevant Information - The Service includes tools and methodologies to manage vast, diverse information repositories across the enterprise.