Solution - AnnLighten

In today's information driven economy, organisations need to have their data and its meaning available at their fingertips for real-time decision making. IT decision makers are under increasing pressure to not only apply new technologies for business benefit but to ensure they are scalable and that they continue to add value to the business. But, how do you prepare and plan in an environment where change is the only constant?

Data is the commonality between managing all the challenges of Complexity and Change

AnnLighten(R) (CME - Central Management Encylocpaedia system) manages all your structured, unstructured data, existing systems and new bespoke technologies to give a single, focused view of your business information where any fact is a click away. 

Base Principle: Data Manages Data

AnnLighten(R) is underpinned by AnnanTech's unique technical principles and methodologies. It is a fully data-centric system whereby all configuration, structure and processes are automated in real-time and turned into data. The AnnLighten(R) framework has unrivalled flexibility in a controlled way to meet your data and system needs. This approach ensures that there are no performance issues as your system grows in complexity and size - always maintaining manageability.

AnnLighten(R) Benefits

  • Management with Meaning - AnnLighten(R) captures, manages and analyses all your data, allowing tailored views for each user's requirements and security credentials. 
  • Managing Complexity - AnnLighten(R) is a data-centric platform that is fully customisable, often without programming required. All the components seamlessly communicate through the LATTICE API. AnnLighten(R) is platform independent  and runs off mulitple database simultaneously. It can be hosted in-house, Cloud and hybrid.
  • Scalable - Organisations are only beginning to apply the power of 'Big Data' Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Cloud infrastructure.A data-centric system means that your IT infrastructure always maintain relevance and adds value in a cost sensitive environment, because adding new technology becomes easy.
  • Easy to Use - With AnnLighten(R)'s intuitive and easy to use web and mobile interface, users have all their information at their fingertips. 
  • Fully Auditable - Retains a full audit trail for quality control purposes.
  • Controlled Information Sharing - AnnLighten(R) allows users to retain their own standards and procedures and protects sensitive data, while facilitating the sharing process, by allowing temporary access to information when granted.
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